Money In The Bank Preview

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Previewing the Money in The Bank PPV..


Over the past few weeks, there has been quite the build up toward this PPV. This PPV boasts a pretty full match card and it looks to be quite solid.

Becky Lynch defending both of her belts against two different opponents is by far the most interesting set up and probably the biggest draw on the card. Just seeing the melee between Becky, Charlotte, and Lacey Evans on the last couple of episodes of RAW and Smackdown has been mind blowing! These 3 women are about to put on one hell of a show at MITB! I cannot wait to see who is left standing after the dust settles!

What’s next for The Miz and Shane-o Mac? Will we see The Miz get his revenge? These two put on arguably one of the best matches at ‘Mania. Shane is not as young as he used to be, but that doesn’t stop him from hitting high risk and high impact moves. I guarantee that we will see him leap off the top of the cage and crush The Miz!

Seth Rollins and AJ Styles will battle for the Universal Championship. This match also has a lot of potential. Both guys are big fan favorites and have a high energy, hard hitting style. Can the Phenomenal One outsmart the Architect?

Can Kofi Kingston keep his WWE Championship run going? Or has he met his match?  He faces a formidable opponent in the brutal Kevin Owens. When KO is on his game, he is unstoppable – he is ruthless, he is aggressive, and he is relentless. Kofi definitely has his work cut out for him.

These are just a few of the matches on the card. The Smackdown Tag Team titles and the US Championship are also on the line; will the titles change hands? Also, who will climb the ladders and become Mr. and Ms. Money in the Bank?




WWE Superstar Shake Up Re-Cap

BY: Mike Thompson



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This past week on Raw and Smackdown we saw multiple superstars find new homes and the beginnings of new and fresh feuds. This two-night event brings the dissolution of tag teams, as well as the call up of NXT Superstars to the main roster. Anything can happen and anyone can end up anywhere!


So.. who ended up where??


RAW: AJ Styles, The Miz, Ricochet, Aleister Black, Erik and Ivar (The Viking Experience), Andrade, Zelina Vega, Rey Mysterio, The Usos, Naomi, EC3, Lacey Evans, Eric Young, Cedric Alexander, Samoa Joe


SMACKDOWN: Roman Reigns, Finn Bálor, Elias, Bayley, Ember Moon, Kairi Sane, Lars Sullivan, Buddy Murphy, Liv Morgan, Chad Gable, Apollo Crews, Mickie James, and Heavy Machinery (Otis and Tucker)



This was definitely one of the best shake-ups to date and one of the most interesting by far! I am really excited to see how this all plays out, what new alliances form, and what new feuds come out of it. This could definitely strengthen both brands overall, and give the WWE product a huge boost. 


On another note, who or what could be behind the creepy promos with the evil laughing doll in the rocking chair and the pterodactyl head puppet? Could it be the ominous return of Bray Wyatt and his family? Will the WWE Universe finally meet Sister Abigail? If the rumors are true, this could be game changing! Where would the Wyatt Family end up? Raw? SmackDown? Only time will tell..






Road to Wrestlemania RAW/SMACKDOWN recap



As ‘Mania gets closer and closer, the build continues to get crazier and crazier! There has been so much going on in various storylines as of late and while some of it has been insanely fascinating, other things have left me scratching my head. I am left wondering – What is creative thinking? What sense does that make? Why are things being taken in that direction? What surprises could WWE have in store?

Social media has also been buzzing with both anticipation and disappointment. Here are a few examples:

  • Disappointment – Kurt Angle vs. Baron CorbinKurt was afforded his choice of an opponent for the final match of his career. He decidedly picked the man who had “made his life a living hell as of late”, former RAW GM Baron Corbin. While this does make sense on one hand, fans on social media offered a different opponent – John Cena. The fans do make a good case – John Cena’s opponent in his debut match was none other than Kurt Angle; the match won by Cena. What better way is there for Angle to end his career than to go out on top against the man whose career he helped launch? Could WWE somehow sneak Cena into the match, perhaps have him take out Corbin and take his spot?


  • Anticipation – Seth Rollins vs. Brock LesnarThe build to this match has been absolutely phenomenal – from Seth winning the Royal Rumble Match to the weekly promos. Given Rollins’ past matches and his intensity, Rollins is most definitely the fan favorite to win this match. Fans are tired of seeing Lesnar with the belt and lack of title defense. We are ready to see the Universal Championship on RAW every week. If Rollins does emerge victorious, it would set up some very interesting potential future feuds; including Roman Reigns’ possible quest to recapture the title he was forced to vacate.


  • Disappointment – Kofi Kingston / Mr. McMahon storylineI don’t even know where to begin with this one – I can only scratch my head. Kofi has never been more over with the fans, and this is his time! He was given a huge opportunity at the Elimination PPV, and boy did he deliver! He and Daniel Bryan put on one hell of a show as the final two competitors in the EC match, elevating Kofi to be the most over he has probably ever been with the fans in his career. Fans demanded Kofi vs. Daniel Bryan at Fastlane. At first, it looked like a lock, with the contract signing on SmackDown. Cue the interruption by Mr. McMahon, and the announcement that Kofi was being replaced by the returning Kevin Owens. Kofi has proven beyond measure that he belongs in the title picture, and this is the storyline that WWE Creative comes up with?! It is seriously lame, and it’s gotten old quickly having to watch Kofi prove himself every week, only to have Mr. McMahon go back on his word. KOFI 4 CHAMP!


  • Anticipation – RAW Women’s Championship MatchWhile at first I disagreed with Becky being replaced by Charlotte Flair, this storyline has actually turned out to be quite intense and interesting. The build up to the eventual insertion of Becky Lynch back into the match was crazy. The intensity these three women bring to the ring, coupled with the explosive promos as of late could turn this feud into one hell of a match. With rumors of Ronda Rousey’s exit following ‘Mania, who knows what the future holds for the winner of this match and the RAW Women’s Championship?



Mike on the Mic!

New segment of LitTube which will spearheaded by our very own Mike Thompson! We introduce you to Mike on the Mic! He will give weekly updates in the Pro Wresting world! And of course videos and podcasts! Stay tuned for more!

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WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

At WWE Elimination Chamber, six tag teams (3 from RAW and 3 from SmackDown) competed in a grueling Elimination Chamber match to determine would be the first ever Women’s Tag Team Champions. The match had a lot of great spots – seeing the superstars climbing the walls of the chamber, fighting on top of the pods, big moves and many near pinfalls. 

So.. who came out on top? Your inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions are – The Boss ‘N” Hug Connection.. Bayley and Sasha Banks! 

This just in! Their first official title defense will come at WWE Fastlane, where they will be defending against the Samoan Slaughterhouse – Nia Jax and Tamina! 




WWE Fastlane Preview:


Announced matches:


 WWE Championship – Daniel Bryan (C) vs. Kevin Owens


 SmackDown Tag Team Championship – Miz/Shane (C’s) vs The Usos


 SmackDown Women’s Championship – Asuka (C) vs. Mandy Rose


 WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship – Sasha/Bayley (C’s) vs. Nia Jax/Tamina


WWE to Introduce Womens Tag Titles in 2019

By: Mike Thompson.

Since the reveal of the new WWE Women’s Championship Belt on the WrestleMania 32 pre-show, the women’s division has been at the forefront of the current product. For the first time in 17 years, the women would no longer be referred to as “Divas” but as “Female Superstars”, effectively putting them at the same level as their male counterparts. The women have been given huge opportunities week in and week out, and they have been nothing short of impressive. Over the last two years WWE fans have seen some of the most energetic and physical matches and promos from the women’s division. There have also been a lot of firsts for the female superstars – starting with match featuring two women in a main event on Monday Night Raw, which hasn’t been done since Trish Stratus and Lita did it in 2004. Other firsts for the women’s division include the first ever women’s Steel Cage Match (which also headlined an episode of Monday Night Raw), the first ever Women’s Hell in a Cell match, the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble, the first ever Last Woman Standing match, and the first ever Women’s TLC match. The biggest moment for the women had to be the special announcement made by Stephanie McMahon in July 2018… the first ever ALL WOMEN’s PPV – WWE Evolution. The PPV was well put together and all in all a great show.

Fast forward to the Christmas Eve episode of Monday Night Raw – WWE fans FINALLY got the news they had been wanting for so long. Mr. McMahon (dressed as Santa) announced that 2019 would bring new Tag Team Champions… to the WOMEN’S DIVISION! Merry Christmas to the female superstars, who are MORE than deserving of this!

How and when will they be revealed? Who will be the inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions?

My predictions? My top picks are Nia Jax/Tamina or the Riott Squad. Then again, who knows what old alliances could be reformed, or possibly some new ones we didn’t see coming..

Stay tuned… more to come!


Wrestlemania Preview and Predictions

By Gerald Royster

I still remember as a kid always loving Wrestling. It seemed so larger to life back then. From Epic clashes between Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, to Kane and Undertaker teaming up to become the Brothers of Destruction and running through everyone! I remember when Triple H and the rest of DX inspired a generation to just tell every oimg_1358-1ne to “Suck it”.  I remember the Invasion by WCW and ECW, and as a 12 year old concerned deeply when Stone Cold and Kurt Angle flipped sides and scared there wouldn’t be a WWF! It was a time before social media and internet superiority. It was honestly a simpler time, where following a wrestling storyline was like watching your favorite show, and as a kid it was even more magical. You had to tune into Monday Night Raw, and Smackdown on Thursdays. If you didn’t you could catch up with Heat on Sundays on MTV, yes younger generation MTV had wrestling. Randomly you could even watch Velocity on TNN. The options were there, it was so much better than it is now in the age of social media. But I digress. Wrestlemania season is upon us and every year that little inner Pre-teen, who’d record wrestling shows only to watch them the next day after school due to his bed time gets excited! To quote Henry who’s article is available on this sit Wrestlemania is truly  “Where it all Happens Again”.

But lets get down to my predictions for the matches:

  • Andre The Giant Memorial Battle RoyalI’m going to go with Elias. I think this is the type of match built for him to win after he’s been getting kind of a push as of late. It’ll also set him up to possibly feud for the Intercontinental championship in the near future.
  • Cruiserweight Championship — Cedric Alexander vs. Mustafa Aliimg_1384I predict this to be one of the better matches of the night! It could literally go either way, and I’m going to go with Cedric Alexander after saying that.
  • United States Championship — Randy Orton (c) vs. Bobby Roode vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Rusevimg_1386I predict it will be Rusev Day tonight. Randy Orton has been one of my favorite wrestlers for over a decade, but I think with the steak that Rusev has been on and being highly over he’s going to pull off the victory tonight.
  • Raw Tag Team Championship — The Bar (c) vs. Braun Strowman & TBABraun Strowman could literally win this by himself, so with a surprise entrant it’s even more in his favor. So in saying that I’m going to predict Rey Mysterio makes his return tonight as Braun’s partner. It may not make sense on paper, but WWE has to fit him in somewhere somehow! did someone say 619?!
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championship — The Usos (c) vs. The New Day vs. The Bludgeon Brothersimg_1383
    • I think The New Day will get their titles back. I mean the Bludgeon Brothers could pull it off, but I don’t think they will. NEW DAY!!!
  • Raw Women’s Championship — Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Nimg_1380ia JaxI’ve been rooting for Nia Jax to get her shot. I think she will tonight, and have a huge Wrestlemania moment!
  • Intercontinental Championship — The Miz (c) vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balorimg_1385I think Finn Balor walks out of NOLA as the new Intercontinental Champion. This will definitely help put him back in the Universal Championship picture by Survivor series!
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship — Charlotte Flair (c) vs. AsukaThe Streak continues and Asuka will win the championship.
  • Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens & Sami ZaynCareers are on the line here, and honestly as much as I’d love to see Daniel Bryan get his welcome back victory, I just don’t see it happening. Given the stipulation of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn losing their jobs as a result of losing I will have to go with Zayn and Owens. I don’t like my decision but oh well.
  • John Cena vs. The Undertaker?img_1387My prediction here goes: Cena comes out to the ring, talks about how much he loves the fans and loves the history behind Wrestlemania. He talks about how much it sucks to not have an opponent this year
    • img_1388and reminds of us when he proposed to Nikki Bella, and how he fought the Rock… twice. Then he calls Undertaker out… and then all of a sudden you hear a bell, then the words “Dead-man Walking…” and then Kid Rock comes out to the tune of American Bad-ass where he sings half the song before the sound of a Harley starts up. Then Undertaker and all his american Bad-ass glory. ride down to the ring to confront Cena. and then sadly my 12 year old dreams are crushed when Cena beats him…
  • Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle vs. Stephanie McMahon & Triple Himg_1381The Olympians win because we all need a feel good story! Where Ronda will go from there is anyone’s guess.
  • WWE Championship — AJ Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamuraimg_1382I think AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura will put on one hell of a show! But I truly think the Phenomenal one will win at Wrestlemania
  • Universal Championship — Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reignsimg_1378Roman wins Brock retires, we get to see the title on Raw weekly, Samoa Joe returns and destroys Reigns at the end!

All in all it should be a great event! I’m expecting a lot. But as I said that inner child inside of me is truly excited! So don’t miss it! tonight at 7 on the WWE network!