Another Monday, Another Government Shutdown…

geraldBy: Gerald Royster

Another Monday, Another government shutdown has come…

Once again we see that the two party system is not working in this country. This current historical shutdown is brought to you by a government that is controlled by one party through the Presidency, House of Reps, and Senate, which in itself looking at it at face value seems almost daunting to say the least.

IMG_1024I was texting fellow LitTube members  Justin and Mario this morning, nothing out of the ordinary honestly, but then it hit me as I was watching the news from my Tablet, how is it with all this technology the people don’t have more of a voice, how is it with all this technology that we have these government shutdowns?

Now you’re probably sitting there wondering What the hell I’m talking about, which is find, allow me to explain…

Before I begin and go in depth how about a little back story. As most of our regular readers and fans know I work in the tech industry for one of the biggest tech giants in the game! In the last half a decade since I was hired, I’ve seen advances in technology that have blown my mind, I’ve seen how much our society relies on technology. More importantly I’ve seen just how accessible technology is. I was born in 1989, and my house did not have internet until 2001. There wasn’t that much of a dramatic need for it until then honestly. It is now 2018 and those days have changed, where internet, technology, and data has virtually been fully integrated into our society. We do so much on the web and through our technology, which is why the FCC trying to deregulate internet is such a big issue for us. Even as you read this, you’re probably on your smartphone, on a tablet, or on your computer. You probably accessed this very article from the WordPress, Facebook, or Twitter app where this very post has been shared. You are the biggest evidence in my following point.

So lets get down to business…

As I prowl social media, engaging with the public, and researching, I’ve heard one common denominator from all sides: Lack of trust in the way our government is ran. Youimg_8954 can’t go more than one political Facebook post without someone complaining about how corrupt a politician is, or about how they just can’t get along, or how they personally don’t feel heard. It’s something that I even feel personally.  We vote out of necessity and hope for a better tomorrow. We vote hoping that the suit that’s elected to office will give a damn about our individual needs and do what’s best for us. We are selfish and honestly that’s fine! When it comes to the law of survival, self-preservation is key! I want someone in government to represent me and to do what’s best to my personal beliefs, and in hopes it makes the Country a better place. That’s all fine and dandy. Now this is where my article travels down the fantasy path so let’s strap in.

img_8959          Most of you have iPhones, or Android. Some have Microsoft phones; other may just have a tablet or a basic computer. Nonetheless most have technology. Imagine a world where you did have an actual voice. What if your actual vote mattered? Not saying your vote does, but what if the vote you casted had a direct impact on what happens. That’s the world I dream of: A full democracy.

Now we’re at the point of the article where you’re starting to think I’ve gone mad. Most of the people in this country have some type of device. Something that connects to the internet, let’s be honest, most of these devices are overpriced, so if need be img_8958subsidized devices could even be given to the less fortunate. Imagine an app, and we’ll call it “AmeriGov”. It’s an app in this imaginary Democracy where every issue is posted. Polls are open for a particular period depending on importance and issue. Citizens would use their fingerprint, or social security number, or some type of identifier to let the app know they are a registered citizen to cast a vote on key issues in this country.

img_8962Personally I believe it would cut out a lot of corruption that goes on in our system of government. By using a full democracy, and putting the power into the literal hands of the people, corporations, and businesses would have to respect people. For example, if an oil company wants to run a pipeline through a town out west, due to the power of the people, that company would have to meet with the citizens of that state or town and come to an agreement, then that agreement would be voted on. End of the story.  Another example would be the case for legalization for marijuana. Why not have a national vote to see what if that’s what the people want.

img_8975To a lot of people this can be an intimidating process, and to those in power this may never happen… But I see polls on television all the time on social issues ranging from subjects of Abortion, to Marijuana Legalization, to the death penalty. And in a lot of issues I may not always img_8977agree with what the public result of that poll is, I honestly respect it a lot more then when a majority of the People of this nation agree on something, but when Congress passes something, or decides on something in a different direction. It feels like a slap in the face and can leave a lot of people disenfranchised, and feeling like their votes don’t count. How many times have we seen just in our lifetimes, the popular vote go one way, and the Electoral College go another way.

The point I’m really trying to make is simple… Even with this most recent Government img_8955img_8956shutdown soon coming to an end, it’s an indication that this country has serious issues in the way it’s run. It may be a pipe dream to envision a nation ran by the voice of the people, and not by the wallets of corporations. We have people who represent us that have been in office since the img_89611970s and earlier. It was never intended for a seat in the House of Representatives, or Senate to be a job you can retire from. That to me seems like a slap in the face of the Constitution. If Presidents have term limits, then no doubt our Congress should as well. No we don’t have a full democracy, it’s a beautiful dream and definitely would force people to pay attention to the issues, but we do still have an obligation to vote…

img_8979The last government shutdown happened in 2013… It’s now 2018, and there are still on both sides too many familiar faces…

Edited by: Mario Meza





By: Gerald Royster


So I asked the question, with the intentions of making this situation clearer, and possibly relatable, and here’s the example I gave this morning on Facebook:

Say I was promoted to become CEO of Verizon Telecommunications, amidst a lot of controversy. The other person competing for the job, was not given the job due to the company unwilling to take a chance on her after Verizon’s private investigation department discovered she may have been using her Verizon company email for public purposes, and suspected of leaking information to rival company Time Warner, in the New York area.

I have been promoted to the CEO position, though many have believed that I have been working with Comcast trading intellectual property and information on new products Verizon will be unveiling soon. This investigation has been ongoing, but the board saw fit to still promote me. I appointed one of my closest friends to be my adviser. I’ve openly talk about how great Comcast is. Now amidst all this Verizon’s security team is digging deep into my history, checking any connections my friends and family have with Comcast, as well as dissecting my life…

Each time they’ve seemed to come across something, including finding out one of my advisers traded stock for Comcast, and has close friends in the company; I fired the individual. Now the investigation is getting more intense and they’re about to take this before the board which could mean my career ending and being released from my position, I decide to fire the head of the investigation team… No warning, just saying I thought he handled the investigation of my competitor for the CEO position horribly, despite causing her not to get the job, and allowing me to ascend to the big seat. But I’ve told everyone it had to do with how he handled the previous investigation…

Now I ask you this…


Now if you have been under a rock for the past 2 days, my little scenario was a micro scale comparison to what our Commander and Chief has done to the now dismissed FBI director James Comey. Yes, you heard it right, while there is an ongoing investigation into the President’s Russian connections; he has indeed fired the man leading that investigation. This of course after praising how he handled the Hillary Clinton investigations, which caused many to either vote Trump or not vote at all.

The thing is, whether you’re Democrat or Republican, or Libertarian, or Green, whatever label you want on your voter registration card, you should be alarmed by this! Honestly if Hillary or better yet even Bernie Sanders were president and they did anything like this, there would still be this Article from me. This is a spit in the face of the justice system. Something we all need to be in uproar about. Politics aside this is bogus.

Here’s my thing, if you haven’t done anything wrong. If indeed you are innocent, why not let the investigation play out. Let it play out, and if it comes out that you were innocent, and then call them out. But no our Commander in chief has gone and done something I for lack of a better word will forever label as Shady…

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The Mother of All Bombs!

geraldBy Gerald Royster





Sources have reported and by now it is all over the news that the United States has dropped what is called the “Mother of All Bombs”, or a Massive Ordnance Air Blast, also known as a GBU-43. The bomb used is the largest bomb in the United States Air-Force’s arsenal next to a nuclear bomb. The M.O.A.B was detonated in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province around 7:30 pm local time Thursday the 13th of April.

Now reports have said this detonation was carried out in an effort to defeat ISIS in Afghanistan according to a U.S. Central Command press release. It was used to minimize risk to Afghan and U.S. forces while maximizing destruction to ISIS fighters and facilities, according to the Central Command release.

From a personal point of view I think the most terrifying is simply how it detonates.  The bomb literally explodes in the air creating air pressure that can collapse tunnels, and buildings. Which makes sense because the U.S. forces were targeting an ISIS tunnel system which made it easier for ISIS to attack U.S. military advisers and Afghan forces in the region.

Now personally, due to the use of the bomb against enemy terrorist forces I’m on board with this. As terrifying as It is, I am indeed okay with this. One of the reasons ISIS has been able to hold onto the mountainous regions in Afghanistan, is simply because of the advanced tunnel systems and caves they use. This is a good use of such a weapon..

Here’s my issue, where do we stop. This was the first time the M.O.A.B. was ever used in actual combat. With the situation in Syria growing, with issues with N. Korea and Russia escalating, could this be the United States moral Nuke… Point blank and simple there’s no morality in using this bomb in a heavy civilian area. Do I think that that will be the factor that prevents use of this devastating bomb in places like Syria? I honestly can’t say. I would hope simply based on the way this bomb detonates would be enough to say, “hey we created a bomb that creates enough air pressure to literally crush buildings, and people for all that matter, let’s not use this as often as we can…” I guess only time will tell. For now this story is developing and we will be keeping you up to date on this as it develops.


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