2020 Profiles: Tulsi Gabbard

By:  Justin Holden

Tulsi Gabbard has served as U.S. Representative for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district since 2013.  She’s a Democrat and U.S. military veteran that is currently serving on the House Armed Services Committee.  On January 11th of 2019, Tulsi Gabbard announced that she would be seeking the Democratic nomination for President in the upcoming 2020 election.  While Tulsi Gabbard may seem like a relative unknown to many people who don’t follow politics closely, she has some appeal to the left-wing voter base of the Democratic Party thanks to her progressive voting record and being one of the few elected politicians to support Bernie Sanders early on in the 2016 Democratic primary.

Tulsi Gabbard has been the target of recent criticism for anti-LGBTQ views that she held in the past.  However, Tulsi Gabbard’s voting record in congress has been objectively pro-LGBTQ, so she seems to have evolved on the issue of gay marriage and other LGBTQ rights issues.  There have also been questions raised from the left as to her position on the U.S. government using torture to gain intelligence.

Tulsi Gabbard has received additional criticism, particularly from the corporate media and Washington establishment, for her foreign policy views.  Tulsi Gabbard is anti-war, anti-regime change, and generally speaking critical of the status quo interventionist approach that the United States has been taking to foreign policy decisions for many years now.

Tulsi Gabbard met with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad in 2017, and she’s against removing him from power.  Tulsi Gabbard has stated that you must meet with leaders all around the world, regardless of their background, in order to achieve peace.  However, she’s been hammered by the corporate media and Washington establishment for meeting with Assad in a similar fashion to the way President Trump was criticized for meeting with brutal dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Un.

Tulsi Gabbard’s Key Policy Positions

  • Proposed the use of paper ballots during elections as a potential solution to mitigate risk of foreign interference in U.S. elections
  • Supports “Medicare For All” single-payer healthcare system
  • Advocates for raising the federal minimum wage
  • Supports removal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan
  • Supports raising taxes on the rich
  • Supports decriminalization of marijuana on a federal level



While there is currently limited information on this candidate’s official presidential campaign website, you may want to check back periodically as the 2020 race rages on.  Tulsi’s entrance to the 2020 presidential race further crowds the field for the Democratic primary, while figuring to give the left-wing voter base another progressive candidate option.



Remembering Davide Astori

Written By:  Justin Holden

Some of you reading this might have already heard the news that Davide Astori, captain for Serie A club Florentina, died on March 4th of 2017.  Astori was found dead at La Di Moret hotel in Udine, with the expected cause of death being sudden cardiac arrest.  Astori was just 31 years of age at the time of his death, and spent the previous night training with his teammates in advance of a league match against Serie A club Udinese.  This news comes as quite a shock to all of us, given that Astori was an otherwise healthy young man with a career as a professional athlete.

In writing this article, I wanted to shine some light on the positives of Astori’s life.  He was a great man who was dedicated to a sport and also his family.  I hope that we as sports fans and fellow human beings can take something away from this tragedy.

Astori is best known for his appearances with Italian clubs AC Milan, Cagliari, and Florentina.  Astori also made 14 appearances for Italy’s international team and scored one goal while representing his country in those games.  Astori had an impressive 12 year career as a professional athlete.  Astori primarily played the defender position and helped his teams post clean sheets on numerous occasions.  He finished his club career with 8 goals as well.

Perhaps the saddest thing about Astori’s death is that he has a two year old daughter who will never get to see him again.  But the scariest thing has got to be how young he was at his time of death.  To die in your early thirties is a great tragedy and you honestly wouldn’t think that a man of that age would die of cardiac arrest unless he had a serious heart condition.  Let us all take some time to keep Astori’s family in our thoughts and prayers, and live every day realizing that life is short and can be snatched away from you at anytime, so live your life to the fullest.