Backtracking Bannon



By Gerald Royster

It’s a strange and rare occurence when former advisers to Presidents come out in full steam and opposition, but it’s even stranger when they rollback the opposition and everything that was said.

img_8408Steve Bannon Over the past few months since being ousted as Chief Adviser to President Donald Trump, has come out fully against the President and his family, giving details about secret meetings with Russians, and dragging the First son Donald Trump Jr’s name img_8406through the mud. To some this may seem like another peg in the wacky inflatable circus tent that contains the circus that is the current Presidency, but I personally find this kind of alarming.

For starters, the accusations he detailed were nothing short of treason. The same treason the FBI has been investigating for the last year.

img_8407Steve Bannon’s remarks of how his words were taken out of context, and calling Trump Jr. “a patriot and a good man”, come after three days of backlash from the POTUS. Earlier this week, Rebekah Mercer a Republican billionaire donor came out in full support for Donald Trump. Mercer is stake holder in Breitbart News in which Bannon is chairman. Comments she made may have something to do with this. In my honest opinion I think for the Alt right specifically, money talks. When millions of dollars are floating around and even more so an agenda and rift is at risk, things begin to happen.


I’ll be the first to say that I am in no way an expert in the dealings of Washington, this is merely an editorial, an opinion piece, but from what I know about Breitbart news being one of the leading publications for the Alt-Right, and how powerful information can be, this does not come as a surprise. It’s definitely alarming, but this is strategic, and the statements Mr. Bannon recently made I don’t believe they are his true thoughts and feelings, but yet the thoughts and feelings of donors and constituents. Something in my opinion has poisoned this nation…



Whether this is the sign of how quickly rifts can be repaired in this administration, its is something that needs to be watched for weeks to come.


Schism: Behind the Idea


By Gerald Royster



The idea for Schism came to me about a couple of weeks ago, and if you’re close to me you know ideas can randomly at any time came to my mind. Usually our creative process goes like this, I’ll come up with an idea, share it to Chris, Colleen, or Mario, then formulate it and have it make logistical sense so I can present it to Justin, and then we come together to Alex so we can green light filming. Simply put that’s how “Schism” came about.


I was at work one day, pretty stressed out about various things, and then I just started writing. Usually when I’m stressed I’ll write to relieve it. Then it popped into my head, this specific idea could be made into something. So then my mind started racing, ideas flooding in like a leaky basement. I took the best ideas, and formulated the rough draft of the story, and then emailed it out to the team. To my surprise they were all about it.

When I came up with the idea, I wanted to talk about something in our society that is being brought to the forefront more and more. Mental health affects millions across the world, especially here in the United States. When I finalized the details of this 15-20 min short film we’re about to start work on, I didn’t think the conversation was loud enough.

The idea to depict such mental illnesses such as Depression, anxiety, and stress in the form of an experimental film is nothing short of daunting. It is truly a sensitive subject to so many people, even people close to me, that I have taken it as my highest priority to put as much detail into this film, and pay attention to every single part. From the writing, to the filming, to the editing and marketing, every single piece of this film will be highly calculated and cared for.

I hope as we continue down this road you’ll be with us all along the way. I’m so excited to write and make my first ever film, this is a quite different experience from writing books, this is a bit more beautiful in a way, because I can let others see the vision my team and myself have.

So as always stay tuned, there’s a lot more, including the introduction of the Production team, and cast in the next few weeks as the roles become finalized!



LitTraxx top releases for week of 4/10/2017





By: Gerald Royster


Welcome to the first installation of LitTraxx!, the blog. This will be a twice a month installation, maybe more depending on what comes out and when. Our goal is to keep you hip and to check back in often. Every Friday on our Twitter @LitTubeChannel, we shout-out the best new music across all genres. But, this week for our first article, we cover four awesome projects that made their premiere over the last two weeks! Check them out below.

Joey BadA$$- All- Amerikkkan Badass

Harry Styles- Sign of the Times

Tom Misch- 5 Days of Mischon.

Backwordz- Veraacity

All four are completely different sounds, but all amazing!

We will start with Joey BadA$$’s sophomore album All-Amerikkkan Badass, which delivered as expected. I’ve been following this img_1427dude for a while now and everything he puts out is pure and so impressive. It’s like a logical and consciousimg_1428 rapper from 1995 Brooklyn time traveled and landed in 2017, ready to drop bars and reinvent the rap game. I like to call rappers like J. cole, Kendrick Lamar, Logic and Joey the Resurrection of Hip Hop. They’re taking rap music back to where it came from, rapping out issues in
the community and about life as is. Very few times in their lyrics do you find high mentions of illicit drug use or sex. Instead, they’re rapping about the things that are affecting the community. It is comforting to hear again. Inevitably, they’ll bring an end to the mumble rappers….


Now, let’s hop across the pond to the United Kingdom. Harry Styles, who gained initial fame from

img_1433UK’s X-Factor and Simon Cowell’s creation of One Direction. The modern day boy-band has achieved Global stardom and is probably one of the best known music groups as of late. Last year, the boys decided to take a break to work on their own projects and Harry got busy. He will be starring in Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” coming out this Summer and has released his first single “Sign of the Times”, breaking Adele’s number 1 record on iTunes in 19 minutes of
img_1359release. This song definitely caught me off guard but proved Harry Styles’ genuine musical talent. This song also tells me that he will have an amazing solo career. “Sign of the Times” is not as poppy as you would expect from an ex-boy-band member. It is raw and it is beautiful! This move reminds me of Justin Timberlake’s departure from *NSYNC over a decade ago, and he went on to become one of the music and film industry’s biggest gem! I believe good things will come for Harry Styles in this new chapter of his career.


Continuing with our UK tour, 21 year-old Songwriter and Producer, Tom Misch, has released his 5-track project titled “5 Days of Mischon”. In 2014, I discovered the sounds of img_1432Misch with his single “Memory”, which is still one of my personal favorites to this day. He has not disappointed me yet, and you will not be disappointed in this newest project either. Along with Tom, and a few others from the UK, I have coined the term “Soulfully British”. And this project lived up to the name. Adding to an ever growing list of deeply soulful british musicians the likes of Floetry, Jamie Woon, Loyle Carner, and Tropics to name a few, this comes img_1431right in time for the warmer nights of Spring and Summer. “5 days of Mischon” gives you that rooftop bar, ocean front vibe. Great to just chill out with after a long day or week, and just decompress. I definitely recommend this album, and it may be one of my top favorites out of all the mentions in this article. All of them are great but this specific album holds a special place in my heart.

img_1430Last but not least, we have the hyper political band, with Liberimg_1429tarian undertones in nearly every verse,Backwordz. Backwordz has just put out their first album together titled, Veracity.  Hits like “Be Great”, and “Individuality”, hone in on this bands message. To be honest,
the music is very hardcore. It is not screaming the constitution at you like a high school government teacher, but it’s lyrics do harness in on libertarian political ideology in a neatly wrapped head-banging package!

So there you have it, go ahead and check these artists out! All are available on iTunes, Google Music, and Spotify.

Check back often for more music news and don’t forget to check out our Youtube Channel and subscribe for more content and information!

Take care.