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Gerald, Ross, and Duane discuss recent free agent developments in the AFC North. The Ravens made some big moves by signing Earl Thomas and Mark Ingram. But are the Cleveland Browns winning the offseason up to this point?


Fantasy Basketball: Add Dewayne Dedmon Before it’s Too Late

Written By:  Justin Holden

As I write this article, my ESPN fantasy basketball team currently sits at a record of 10-2, which makes me tied for first place.  I’m ranked second in my league for total points scored and have made the most FA moves out of anybody.  Therefore, you can take it to the bank that I know a thing or two about free agent adds.

Dewayne Dedmon (Center, Atlanta Hawks) was a staple utility player for my team prior to suffering a stress fracture in his leg, which caused him to miss several weeks of action.  Prior to injury, Dewayne Dedmon was a highly efficient fantasy basketball asset, posting double digit fantasy points on a consistent basis despite averaging under 30 minutes of playing time per game.  He also carried the upside of posting 20+, 30+, and even 40+ fantasy point games on occasion…without the downside of any negative fantasy point outings that one might see from an inefficient guard that misses a lot of shots.

Dewayne Dedmon has officially returned from injury and is still only owned in 16.1% of ESPN fantasy basketball leagues.  This is ludicrous.  Dedmon should be owned in every league that has 12 or more teams, and I’d even go as far to say all 10 team leagues that have an increased amount of bench spots.

Dedmon has posted 12 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal, 2 blocks, and 15 points through two games since returning from injury.  He’s not quite at full health yet and is logging limited minutes, but Dedmon will soon overtake Miles Plumlee for the starting center position in the Atlanta Hawks lineup.  It’s really just a matter of time for him to get back to dominant and efficient play, with an increased number of minutes on the court to boot.  Consider this my official tout of Dewayne Dedmon.  Pick him up now before he goes on another hot streak and it’s too late!Atlanta Hawks Media Day