Writers and Guest Analyst


  • Matthew Fears hails from Decatur Georgia, He is happily married and has three children, and is working to be a coding entrepreneur seeking to create positive change in the world!



  • Mike Thompson-  WWE/ Pro Wrestling and Sports Analyst-img_9438Follow on Twitter- @mcthomps81
    • Mike is a Maryland Native and a Life long fan of the Baltimore Orioles, Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Penguins. He is also an avid WWE fan, having been watching since the 1990s. Mike joins us as our resident WWE analyst as well as helping with MLB, NHL, and NFL coverage.


  • Jordan SchatzOn Screen Sports Analyst
  • Duane Koreck- On screen Sports Analyst
  • Henry Sylverain-is of Haitian decent and was born and raised in New PRovidence, Bahamas. HE is an avid writer, music enthusiast and wrestling fan! Henry aspires to be a score and screen writer for motion picture films and auther.