Another Monday, Another Government Shutdown…

geraldBy: Gerald Royster

Another Monday, Another government shutdown has come…

Once again we see that the two party system is not working in this country. This current historical shutdown is brought to you by a government that is controlled by one party through the Presidency, House of Reps, and Senate, which in itself looking at it at face value seems almost daunting to say the least.

IMG_1024I was texting fellow LitTube members  Justin and Mario this morning, nothing out of the ordinary honestly, but then it hit me as I was watching the news from my Tablet, how is it with all this technology the people don’t have more of a voice, how is it with all this technology that we have these government shutdowns?

Now you’re probably sitting there wondering What the hell I’m talking about, which is find, allow me to explain…

Before I begin and go in depth how about a little back story. As most of our regular readers and fans know I work in the tech industry for one of the biggest tech giants in the game! In the last half a decade since I was hired, I’ve seen advances in technology that have blown my mind, I’ve seen how much our society relies on technology. More importantly I’ve seen just how accessible technology is. I was born in 1989, and my house did not have internet until 2001. There wasn’t that much of a dramatic need for it until then honestly. It is now 2018 and those days have changed, where internet, technology, and data has virtually been fully integrated into our society. We do so much on the web and through our technology, which is why the FCC trying to deregulate internet is such a big issue for us. Even as you read this, you’re probably on your smartphone, on a tablet, or on your computer. You probably accessed this very article from the WordPress, Facebook, or Twitter app where this very post has been shared. You are the biggest evidence in my following point.

So lets get down to business…

As I prowl social media, engaging with the public, and researching, I’ve heard one common denominator from all sides: Lack of trust in the way our government is ran. Youimg_8954 can’t go more than one political Facebook post without someone complaining about how corrupt a politician is, or about how they just can’t get along, or how they personally don’t feel heard. It’s something that I even feel personally.  We vote out of necessity and hope for a better tomorrow. We vote hoping that the suit that’s elected to office will give a damn about our individual needs and do what’s best for us. We are selfish and honestly that’s fine! When it comes to the law of survival, self-preservation is key! I want someone in government to represent me and to do what’s best to my personal beliefs, and in hopes it makes the Country a better place. That’s all fine and dandy. Now this is where my article travels down the fantasy path so let’s strap in.

img_8959          Most of you have iPhones, or Android. Some have Microsoft phones; other may just have a tablet or a basic computer. Nonetheless most have technology. Imagine a world where you did have an actual voice. What if your actual vote mattered? Not saying your vote does, but what if the vote you casted had a direct impact on what happens. That’s the world I dream of: A full democracy.

Now we’re at the point of the article where you’re starting to think I’ve gone mad. Most of the people in this country have some type of device. Something that connects to the internet, let’s be honest, most of these devices are overpriced, so if need be img_8958subsidized devices could even be given to the less fortunate. Imagine an app, and we’ll call it “AmeriGov”. It’s an app in this imaginary Democracy where every issue is posted. Polls are open for a particular period depending on importance and issue. Citizens would use their fingerprint, or social security number, or some type of identifier to let the app know they are a registered citizen to cast a vote on key issues in this country.

img_8962Personally I believe it would cut out a lot of corruption that goes on in our system of government. By using a full democracy, and putting the power into the literal hands of the people, corporations, and businesses would have to respect people. For example, if an oil company wants to run a pipeline through a town out west, due to the power of the people, that company would have to meet with the citizens of that state or town and come to an agreement, then that agreement would be voted on. End of the story.  Another example would be the case for legalization for marijuana. Why not have a national vote to see what if that’s what the people want.

img_8975To a lot of people this can be an intimidating process, and to those in power this may never happen… But I see polls on television all the time on social issues ranging from subjects of Abortion, to Marijuana Legalization, to the death penalty. And in a lot of issues I may not always img_8977agree with what the public result of that poll is, I honestly respect it a lot more then when a majority of the People of this nation agree on something, but when Congress passes something, or decides on something in a different direction. It feels like a slap in the face and can leave a lot of people disenfranchised, and feeling like their votes don’t count. How many times have we seen just in our lifetimes, the popular vote go one way, and the Electoral College go another way.

The point I’m really trying to make is simple… Even with this most recent Government img_8955img_8956shutdown soon coming to an end, it’s an indication that this country has serious issues in the way it’s run. It may be a pipe dream to envision a nation ran by the voice of the people, and not by the wallets of corporations. We have people who represent us that have been in office since the img_89611970s and earlier. It was never intended for a seat in the House of Representatives, or Senate to be a job you can retire from. That to me seems like a slap in the face of the Constitution. If Presidents have term limits, then no doubt our Congress should as well. No we don’t have a full democracy, it’s a beautiful dream and definitely would force people to pay attention to the issues, but we do still have an obligation to vote…

img_8979The last government shutdown happened in 2013… It’s now 2018, and there are still on both sides too many familiar faces…

Edited by: Mario Meza


How the 2017-2018 LA Rams Have Returned the Franchise to Greatness





By: Justin Holden


If someone told you at the start of the 2017 NFL Preseason that the Jacksonville Jaguars and LA Rams would both be legitimate playoff (and possibly super bowl) contenders for this year, you likely would have laughed in their face and called that person an idiot. As a fan of the LA Rams myself, even I didn’t see such a quick turnaround coming for the franchise. Early on, I honestly thought this would be another rebuilding year…that the LA Rams would need an additional year or two for everything to come together and re-establish the quality of the franchise that hasn’t been seen since the “Greatest Show On Turf” days of Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Torry Holt, and Isaac Bruce.
But now that I have seen everything come together this season for the LA Rams, I feel that I have a complete understanding of how and why it happened so quickly. I would like to share my thoughts on the matter with you, because they are so different from what many other people are thinking. By the way, I am writing this article during week 16 of the regular season, fresh off the LA Rams blowout victory over the rival Seahawks at Seattle. The LA Rams currently have a regular season record of 10-4 and sit atop of the division standings, guaranteed a playoff spot at this point.

img_8039Addressing Coach Worshippers – Sean McVay
The vast majority of people you ask about LA Rams success this year will be quick to throw all the praise on first year head coach Sean McVay. McVay is one of the youngest NFL head coaches ever at just 31 years old. He was actually only age 30 when first hired by the LA Rams in January 2017. Let me give you some background information on him.
McVay was a four year starter for his high school football team, playing quarterback and defensive back. He also played college ball as a wide receiver at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio but had just 39 receptions for 312 yards his entire college football career. After graduating from Miami University, McVay began his coaching career as an assistant wide receivers coach under head coach Jon Gruden in 2008 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. From there, McVay was hired onto the Washington Redskins coaching staff in 2010, starting as an assistant tight ends coach. Eventually, McVay was able to work his way up to offensive coordinator for the Redskins in 2014. Arguably, McVay’s greatest achievement as offensive coordinator of the Washington Redskins came in his first year, when he saw the team finish 10th in total offense, a remarkable improvement from 25th in total offense the previous year.
In my view, sports analysts and the general public alike tend to put the head coach on a pedestal. And I believe part of the reason why is because we can identify with coaches. They are the tacticians on the sidelines that come up with game plans and strategy. They orchestrate what the players accomplish on the field, or so we think. But most important in our identification with the coaches is that we view their role as intelligence/wisdom based, with perhaps a bit of charisma/motivation thrown into the mix for good measure. In our subconscious, we view the coach role as something that any of us could do, regardless of age and athleticism, as long as we took the time to learn all the nuances of the sport.
But at the end of the day, I am suggesting to you that it is mostly the talent of the players you put out on the field that wins your team games. Now sure, it is on the head coach to not completely screw things up by making dumb mistakes such as:
1. Consistently fielding players outside of their ideal position (i.e. prototypical slot receiver only lining up on the outside of the field, shut down corner only being played at safety, etc.)
2. Increasing your star players’ chance of injury unnecessarily (Keeping your franchise QB in the game while he is already hurt and you are down 30 points, having your best defender also play special teams, etc.)
3. Consistently making bone-headed play calls (Refusing to punt early on in a close game, attempting field goals well outside of your kicker’s range, playing prevent defense at a time that doesn’t make sense, etc.)
4. Failing to make the necessary game plan adjustments (Opposing running back goes off for 140 rush yards in first half and you still aren’t stacking the box in second half, opposing defense is consistently fielding a formation with one safety and you fail to call any deep pass plays, etc.)

In essence, there are plenty of things that a bad coach can do to ruin your team’s chances of winning games. But that doesn’t mean it takes a genius head coach to turn around a franchise, nor does it mean the head coach deserves the majority of credit for a winning team. Do you really think Mike McCarthy is why the Packers have been playoff contenders over the years, or is it because he has arguably the league’s best quarterback in Aaron Rodgers? How about Mike Tomlin from the Steelers? Oh, it couldn’t be the fact he has this generation’s Jerry Rice in Antonio Brown, plus arguably the best running back in the league, Le’Veon Bell. Plus a top five efficiency ranked offensive line and a respectable defense. You see what I’m getting at here?
So my point is, player personnel talent gets overlooked big time in these situations. And in the case of the LA Rams, Sean McVay’s hiring coincidentally happened in the same year as several key player personnel changes, plus the progression of a star young player, that I believe are the true driving factors in the LA Rams resurgence to dominance. So before you tune in to ESPN or Fox Sports to watch a continued rear kissing festival for first year head coach Sean McVay, read on as I will reveal the real reasons for the LA Rams success this season in the following sections.
No Longer A Team Of Only Slot Receivers
At first, I didn’t think the offseason acquisition of wide receiver Robert Woods would do much for the LA Rams. His NFL career statistics as the Buffalo Bills #2 wide receiver appear quite underwhelming on paper. His best stat line from Buffalo was in 2014 when he had 65 receptions for 699 yards and 5 touchdowns in 16 games played. In my view, this is a mediocre season stat line. Woods’ other years in Buffalo were substantially worse than that. So how does the addition of Robert Woods do anything for the LA Rams? Well, for starters he is having the best statistical season of his career this year even though he missed several weeks due to injury. According to, Woods is posting a +20.3 production premium and +16.3 target premium, both statistical indicators that he is doing more with his opportunities than other wideouts on the same team. Okay, so why is he playing well now all of a sudden?
Well, we actually had indicators all along of Robert Woods’ true talent going back to his college days. He posted a 55th percentile college dominator rating at USC, a major college football program. Even more telling, Woods posted a breakout age of 18.4, which puts him in the 97th percentile historically among all college wide receiver prospects. What a phenom! This means that Woods’ age adjusted production was completely off the charts in college. And for those of us in the know when it comes to evaluating true player talent in a vacuum, age adjusted production is the number one leading indicator of whether or not a college football player is going to end up being good in the NFL.
But Robert Woods wasn’t the only key addition to the receiving corps for this season, as the LA Rams traded a 2nd round draft pick and cornerback EJ Gaines to get wide receiver Sammy Watkins from the Buffalo Bills. Keep in mind, Sammy Watkins was a top college football prospect out of Clemson that the Buffalo Bills actually traded up to take with the fourth overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. During Watkins tenure with the Buffalo Bills, he dealt with several nagging injuries that kept him off the field much more than the team would have liked. This is likely why the Buffalo Bills decided to trade him away. But the on-field talent of Sammy Watkins was never denied.
So let me get this straight. The LA Rams picked up in free agency an age adjusted college mega producer in Robert Woods, plus traded to acquire a former 4th overall pick in the 2014 draft? And both of these wideouts play well on the outside of the field? Booyah! These are exactly the type of player personnel moves that were needed to help get the team to the next level. Because if you think about it, the Rams franchise was really a wasteland for wide receivers ever since the departure of Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce.
The best receiver the Rams had between the Holt/Bruce departure and the start of the 2017 NFL season was Kenny Britt. And don’t get me wrong, Kenny Britt has been an underrated receiver for virtually his entire career, but expecting an offense to be prolific with Kenny Britt as the number one option and literally no other receivers that are worth their weight in salt is a fool’s expectation. The rest of the wide receivers were guys like Tavon Austin, Brian Quick, Pharoh Cooper, Bradley Marquez, Austin Hill, etc. Most of those guys prototype as only being able to play effectively from the slot position. Brian Quick was a decent outside receiver. But that’s pretty much it! The Rams were in desperate need of field stretchers that could consistently beat starting cornerbacks down the field and catch passes. The team has that now with Robert Woods and Sammy Watkins. Thanks Buffalo!
Don’t Discount Offensive Linemen – Andrew Whitworthimg_8041
Perhaps the most crucial offseason free agent signing was offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth to the LA Rams. High quality offensive linemen are the unsung heroes of the NFL. They make prolific running backs like Ezekiel Elliott and Le’Veon Bell look that much better, they give their quarterbacks significantly more time to make decisions and throw the ball to the right player, and they provide a confidence boost to the offensive unit as a whole.
Andrew Whitworth is a seasoned veteran that previously played for the Cincinnati Bengals and signed a 3 year contract with the LA Rams in the offseason. At 36 years of age, Whitworth is still kicking ass and taking names in the trenches. He’s a clear upgrade to the Rams’ offensive line, and has helped open up the running game once again for Todd Gurley. He’s also been key in providing the necessary protection to second year quarterback Jared Goff, which leads me to my next point.

The “Second Year Leap” for QB Jared Goff
The second year leap is a real thing for young NFL players and for the quarterback position in particular. There is clear evidence and proof of this that I will cite for you. img_8038Dan Marino went from 2,210 passing yards and 20 passing touchdowns in his rookie year to 5,084 passing yards and 48 passing touchdowns in his second year. His QB rating improved from 96 to 108.9. Peyton Manning saw his passing yards improve from 3,739 to 4,135 and his QB rating improve from 71.2 to 90.7. Andrew Luck had a significant decrease in interceptions thrown as he went from 18 as a rookie to just 9 in his second year, and also saw his passer rating go up from 76.5 to 87. The list goes on and on for this statistical improvement from the rookie year to a second season. And while it doesn’t happen 100% of the time, it is very common to see this statistical improvement from quarterbacks that make the majority of their plays passing from the pocket.
In the case of Jared Goff, a poor rookie season with a passer rating of just 63.6 has been followed up by what currently stands as a passer rating of 98.9 for the 2017-2018 NFL season. I would attribute some of this statistical progression to the additional offensive line protection and playmakers that have been put around him. But there is still something to be said for Jared Goff in and of himself.
Jared Goff was measured up against Carson Wentz for the 2016 NFL Draft class as both were viewed as consensus top quarterback prospects, but for different reasons. The argument for Carson Wentz over Jared Goff really came down to the fact that Wentz had the prototypical size you look for in an NFL quarterback (6’5 and 237 pounds) plus better athleticism (80th percentile SPARQ-x score compared to 22nd percentile for Jared Goff). So Wentz was the bigger, more athletic quarterback. Plus, Jared Goff was knocked for having small hands. But why do I believe Jared Goff over Carson Wentz was the right decision for the Rams from an analytical standpoint?
It goes back to what I referenced before. Age adjusted production. Goff’s breakout age at Cal was 18.9 (95th percentile) compared to Wentz’s 21.7 (25th percentile). You also have to take into account that Jared Goff actually played for a major college program and played exceptionally well, while Carson Wentz played for small school North Dakota State and trailed Goff’s production as a passer. They finished their respective college careers with the following stat lines:
Wentz: 64.1% completion/5,115 pass yds/45 TD/14 INT/153.9 QB rating
Goff: 62.3% completion, 12,195 pass yds, 96 TD, 30 INT, 144 QB rating
So, since Jared Goff checked all the boxes as a college quarterback prospect, with the exception of measured athleticism and having small hands, it is no surprise to me that he has taken the “second year leap”. Goff has been a big time age-adjusted producer his entire football life, with the exception of a crap rookie season in the NFL. But we can excuse rookie seasons because players are still getting acclimated to the big league. It is normal to struggle as a rookie. Now don’t go around saying that Jared Goff’s ascension is all because of first year head coach Sean McVay, or the LA Rams offensive coordinator, or their quarterbacks coach. Because coaching is not the reason. Jared Goff is what he is. And that is a franchise quarterback who just got additional offensive weapons around him and is set to tear it up for years to come, regardless of any additional coaching changes.
You’ve heard all the coach speak, coach worship, coach praise. I am submitting to you my alternative thesis. Which is that the player personnel changes from the offseason up to now are the primary drivers behind the LA Rams success in the 2017-2018 NFL season. I give Sean McVay and the coaching staff SOME credit, but nowhere near the amount that the rest of the general public and mainstream sports media are lavishing upon img_8040them.
At the end of the day, it’s the players on the field that win you games. The coaching staff just needs to be competent and professional, do their jobs correctly and not make critical mistakes. The players on the field will take care of the rest. Hopefully this article gave you some insight into why certain players on the team are making more of an impact this year. I know I didn’t touch on the defensive side of the football at all, but that’s because there weren’t really any key changes for the Rams in that area, other than hiring a new defensive coordinator. Let’s be honest, the big improvement this season from last has been the offense, and all the statistics show that. The Jacksonville Jaguars have seen the polar opposite happen to them, key defensive player personnel changes that have made the team a legit contender. If you have a reaction to my article, you may tweet me @goldenholden11 or @littubechannel. Feel free also to visit LitTube’s YouTube channel and leave a comment for me:

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NFL Draft Selection Order! 

It’s Draft day! And below is the selection order of each Round of the draft! As always stay tuned to LitTube for updates! 

Round 1Pick 

1. Cleveland Browns

2. San Francisco 49ers

3. Chicago Bears

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

5. Tennessee Titans from Los Angeles Rams

6. New York Jets

7. Los Angeles Chargers

8. Carolina Panthers

9. Cincinnati Bengals

10. Buffalo Bills

11. New Orleans Saints

12. Cleveland Browns from Philadelphia Eagles

13. Arizona Cardinals

14. Philadelphia Eagles from Minnesota Vikings

15. Indianapolis Colts

16. Baltimore Ravens

17. Washington Redskins

18. Tennessee Titans

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

20. Denver Broncos

21. Detroit Lions

22. Miami Dolphins

23. New York Giants

24. Oakland Raiders

25. Houston Texans

26. Seattle Seahawks

27. Kansas City Chiefs

28. Dallas Cowboys

29. Green Bay Packers

30. Pittsburgh Steelers

31. Atlanta Falcons

32. New Orleans Saints from New England Patriots

Round 2

Pick (overall) 

1 (33). Cleveland Browns

2 (34). San Francisco 49ers

3 (35). Jacksonville Jaguars

4 (36). Chicago Bears

5 (37). Los Angeles Rams

6 (38). Los Angeles Chargers

7 (39). New York Jets

8 (40). Carolina Panthers

9 (41). Cincinnati Bengals

10 (42). New Orleans Saints

11 (43). Philadelphia Eagles

12 (44). Buffalo Bills

13 (45). Arizona Cardinals

14 (46). Indianapolis Colts

15 (47). Baltimore Ravens

16 (48). Minnesota Vikings

17 (49). Washington Redskins

18 (50). Tampa Bay Buccaneers

19 (51). Denver Broncos

20 (52). Cleveland Browns from Tennessee Titans

21 (53). Detroit Lions

22 (54). Miami Dolphins

23 (55). New York Giants

24 (56). Oakland Raiders

25 (57). Houston Texans

26 (58). Seattle Seahawks

27 (59). Kansas City Chiefs

28 (60). Dallas Cowboys

29 (61). Green Bay Packers

30 (62). Pittsburgh Steelers

31 (63). Atlanta Falcons

32 (64). Carolina Panthers from New England Patriots

Round 3

Pick (overall) 

1 (65). Cleveland Browns

2 (66). San Francisco 49ers

3 (67). Chicago Bears

4 (68). Jacksonville Jaguars

5 (69). Los Angeles Rams

6 (70). New York Jets

7 (71). Los Angeles Chargers

8 (72). New England Patriots from Carolina Panthers

9 (73). Cincinnati Bengals

10 (74). Baltimore Ravens from Philadelphia Eagles

11 (75). Buffalo Bills

12 (76). New Orleans Saints

13 (77). Arizona Cardinals

14 (78). Baltimore Ravens

15 (79). Minnesota Vikings

16 (80). Indianapolis Colts

17 (81). Washington Redskins

18 (82). Denver Broncos

19 (83). Tennessee Titans

20 (84). Tampa Bay Buccaneers

21 (85). Detroit Lions

22 (86). Minnesota Vikings from Miami Dolphins

23 (87). New York Giants

24 (88). Oakland Raiders

25 (89). Houston Texans

26 (90). Seattle Seahawks

27 (91). Kansas City Chiefs

28 (92). Dallas Cowboys

29 (93). Green Bay Packers

30 (94). Pittsburgh Steelers

31 (95). Atlanta Falcons

32 (96). New England Patriots

33 (97). Miami Dolphins (Compensatory Selection)

34 (98). Carolina Panthers (Compensatory Selection)

35 (99). Philadelphia Eagles from Baltimore Ravens (Compensatory Selection)

36 (100). Tennessee Titans from Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection)

37 (101). Denver Broncos (Compensatory Selection)

38 (102). Seattle Seahawks (Compensatory Selection)

39 (103). New Orleans Saints from New England Patriots through Cleveland Browns (Compensatory Selection)

40 (104). Kansas City Chiefs (Compensatory Selection)

41 (105). Pittsburgh Steelers (Compensatory Selection)

42 (106). Seattle Seahawks (Compensatory Selection)

43 (107). New York Jets (Compensatory Selection)

Round 4

Pick (overall) 

1 (108). Cleveland Browns

2 (109). San Francisco 49ers

3 (110). Jacksonville Jaguars

4 (111). Chicago Bears

5 (112). Los Angeles Rams

6 (113). Los Angeles Chargers

7 (114). Washington Redskins from New York Jets

8 (115). Carolina Panthers

9 (116). Cincinnati Bengals

10 (117). Chicago Bears from Buffalo Bills

12 (118). Philadelphia Eagles

13 (119). Arizona Cardinals

14 (120). Minnesota Vikings

15 (121). Indianapolis Colts

16 (122). Baltimore Ravens

17 (123). Washington Redskins

18 (124). Tennessee Titans

19 (125). Tampa Bay Buccaneers

20 (126). Denver Broncos

21 (127). Detroit Lions

22 (128). Minnesota Vikings from Miami Dolphins

23 (129). Oakland Raiders

24 (130). Houston Texans

25. (131). New England Patriots from Seattle Seahawks (Forfeited)

26 (132). Kansas City Chiefs

27 (133). Dallas Cowboys

28 (134). Green Bay Packers

29 (135). Pittsburgh Steelers

30 (136). Atlanta Falcons

31 (137). Indianapolis Colts from New England Patriots

32 (138). Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory Selection)

33 (139). Philadelphia Eagles from Cleveland Browns (Compensatory Selection)

34 (140). New York Giants

35 (141). Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection)

36 (142). Houston Texans from Cleveland Browns (Compensatory Selection)

37 (143). San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection)

38 (144). Indianapolis Colts (Compensatory Selection)

Round 5

Pick (overall) 

1 (145). Cleveland Browns

2 (146). San Francisco 49ers

3 (147). Chicago Bears

4 (148). Jacksonville Jaguars

5 (149). Los Angeles Rams

6 (150). New York Jets

7 (151). Los Angeles Chargers

8 (152). Carolina Panthers

9 (153). Cincinnati Bengals

10 (154). Washington Redskins from New Orleans Saints

11 (155). Philadelphia Eagles

12 (156). Buffalo Bills

13 (157). Arizona Cardinals

14 (158). Indianapolis Colts

15 (159). Baltimore Ravens

16 (160). Minnesota Vikings

17 (161). San Francisco 49ers from Washington Redskins

18 (162). Tampa Bay Buccaneers

19 (163). Buffalo Bills from New England Patriots through Denver Broncos

20 (164). Tennessee Titans

21 (165). Detroit Lions

22 (166). Miami Dolphins

23 (167). New York Giants

24 (168). Oakland Raiders

25 (169). Houston Texans

26. Seattle Seahawks (Forfeited)

27 (170). Kansas City Chiefs

28 (171). Buffalo Bills from Dallas Cowboys

29 (172). Green Bay Packers

30 (173). Pittsburgh Steelers

31 (174). Atlanta Falcons

32 (175). Cleveland Browns from New England Patriots

33 (176). Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory Selection)

34 (177). Denver Broncos (Compensatory Selection)

35 (178). Miami Dolphins (Compensatory Selection)

36 (179). Arizona Cardinals (Compensatory Selection)

37 (180). Kansas City Chiefs (Compensatory Selection)

38 (181). Cleveland Browns (Compensatory Selection)

39 (182). Green Bay Packers (Compensatory Selection)

40 (183). New England Patriots (Compensatory Selection)

41 (184). Miami Dolphins (Compensatory Selection)

Round 6

Pick (overall) 

1 (185). Cleveland Browns

2 (186). Baltimore Ravens from San Francisco 49ers

3 (187). Jacksonville Jaguars

4 (188). Cleveland Browns from Houston Texans through Chicago Bears

5 (189). Los Angeles Rams

6 (190). Los Angeles Chargers

7 (191). New York Jets

8 (192). Carolina Panthers

9 (193). Cincinnati Bengals

10 (194). Philadelphia Eagles

11 (195). Buffalo Bills

12 (196). New Orleans Saints

13 (197). Arizona Cardinals

14 (198). San Francisco 49ers from Baltimore Ravens

15 (199). Minnesota Vikings

16 (200). New England Patriots from Indianapolis Colts

17 (201). Washington Redskins

18 (202). San Francisco 49ers from Denver Broncos

19 (203). Denver Broncos from Tennessee Titans

20 (204). Tampa Bay Buccaneers

21 (205). Detroit Lions

22 (206). Los Angeles Rams from Miami Dolphins

23 (207). New York Giants

24 (208). Oakland Raiders

25 (209). Washington Redskins from Houston Texans

26 (210). Seattle Seahawks

27. Kansas City Chiefs (Forfeited)

28 (211). Dallas Cowboys

29 (212). Green Bay Packers

30 (213). Pittsburgh Steelers

31 (214). Tennessee Titans from Atlanta Falcons

32 (215). Detroit Lions from New England Patriots

33 (216). Kansas City Chiefs (Compensatory Selection)

34 (217). Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory Selection)

35 (218). Kansas City Chiefs (Compensatory Selection)

Round 7

Pick (overall) 

1 (219). San Francisco 49ers from Cleveland Browns

2 (220). Washington Redskins from San Francisco 49ers

3 (221). Chicago Bears

4 (222). Jacksonville Jaguars

5 (223). Miami Dolphins from Los Angeles Rams

6 (224). New York Jets

7 (225). Los Angeles Chargers

8 (226). Seattle Seahawks from Carolina Panthers

9 (227). Cincinnati Bengals

10 (228). Dallas Cowboys from Buffalo Bills

11 (229). New Orleans Saints

12 (230). Philadelphia Eagles

13 (231). Arizona Cardinals

14 (232). Minnesota Vikings

15 (233). Carolina Panthers from Indianapolis Colts through Cleveland Browns

16 (234). Los Angeles Rams from Baltimore Ravens

17 (235). Washington Redskins

18 (236). Tennessee Titans

19 (237). Tampa Bay Buccaneers

20 (238). Denver Broncos

21 (239). New England Patriots from Detroit Lions

22 (240). Miami Dolphins

23 (241). New York Giants

24 (242). Oakland Raiders

25 (243). Houston Texans

26 (244). Oakland Raiders from Seattle Seahawks

27 (245). Kansas City Chiefs

28 (246). Dallas Cowboys

29 (247). Green Bay Packers

30 (248). Pittsburgh Steelers

31 (249). Atlanta Falcons

32 (250). Detroit Lions from New England Patriots

33 (251). Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory Selection)

34 (252). Denver Broncos (Compensatory Selection)

35 (253). Denver Broncos (Compensatory Selection)