Another Day, Another Remake, Review of Roswell New Mexico

By: Gerald Royster

SPOILER ALERT: this is fair warning there are tons of spoilers!

I went into this with an open mind, and truly, truly gave it a chance!

On the surface in the beginning it seemed like this was at first a scene for scene a more modern slightly darker version of the original “Roswell” television show Of the late 90s- early 2000s. A show that this writer held dear and true to his heart. So when i got news that Roswell was being remade as have been many many shows from my childhood, i became intrigued.

When watching the preview a week or two back, i recognizes all the lines and a few of the scenes. The only difference was older actors and actresses, acting that was subpar, and apparently an older story line… Still i had my wife set the DVR and waited until the Tuesday premiere.

Tuesday came, we watched one of our other shows, and the whole time I was anxious about this new show. I mean we’re talking Roswell here! I grew up a nerdy, alien loving fanatic! Roswell the original was perfect for my preteen brain, and after watching again in my early 20s it was just as amazing! It was one of my favorite shows along with the likes of Smallville and the rarely remembered teen drama Popular! These were peak shows on the WB!

So anyways i started up Roswell New Mexico from my DVR, willing to give it an open mind and I have so many mixed emotions it’s not even funny! For starters overall the episode seemed rushed. One minute Max is working border patrol pulling over Liz at a traffic stop, and then the next thing you know, the Crash-down is being shot up, Max is saving Liz runs off, and then boom it’s the 10 year high school reunion! I’m not exaggerating when i say the episode moved so damn fast!

The acting was what is to be expected of your run of the mill CW show. Slightly attractive actors and actresses with one dimensional emotion. I won’t even get into the political undertones, only because I’m curious how certain elements will play a part in future episodes, but i hope it’s not over the top!

The scenery I was a fan of. Personally i don’t mind the darker tone of shows, makes them slightly more cinematic and if you can get past the acting you can get lost in it. All of the characters were there of course. Michael was the rebellious one, Isabel was the typical older sister trying to keep the group together, and Max was still the strong stoic type leader, Liz was even still slightly the same, except she was now the daughter of illegal immigrants, and I sit and wondered if the writers decided to put that in there due to how tense the political field is nowadays. There was even a. Border Wall joke.

As a fan of the OG Roswell show… It’s only fair i give this show a 6.8/10. Reason being, I’m willing to give it a few more episodes for the story lines to come around and for it to find it’s own groove. I gave it the score it did, because like most shows of this day and age it’s really fast paced and i feel loses substance and connection with the audience. I am willing to give this a few more episodes and revisit this review. But until then, tread with caution is my suggestion, and if you want to enjoy it, go in with an open mind and forget the original show… Or you can just binge on the OG Roswell on Hulu like I’ll be doing! This will be my 4th time watching the entire series!

You can watch the preview down below, and watch the new series on the CW on Tuesday Nights.


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