The Big Announcement!

Dear Friends of LitTube


         In the next two weeks LitTube will be going through some changes to enhance the way we get content out. For starters we will be purchasing our own domain which will allow us to have a permanent home here on the internet. We will utilize the new site to post videos, merchandise, and more articles than ever before.

Speaking of articles, it has long since been a personal dream of mine and I’m sure I can speak for the LitTube family as a whole, to create a site where people of all walks of life, backgrounds and affiliations can come and get information and discuss said info. We have reached out, and have numerous writers of different political, occupational, educational, and athletic fields. In the next two weeks their articles will become a staple here on our new site.

We will also be posting our videos to the new site, and Youtube as well, with hopes that one day the site is the primary source of LitTube video content! Yes you also read that correctly that we are in the works of creating merchandise, and selling it straight from the site. This include an apparel line as well.

Within two weeks –– will be a fully operating website with new content coming out all week! We are so grateful for all your support over the last two years from both the day ones to the yesterdays. It’s what keeps us going! Look out for new content and updates in the next few days!

This is only the beginning!

Gerald Royster

CEO/Co-Founder of LitTube.


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