Just Keep…

By: Gerald Royster

I usually don’t delve into super personal and spiritual matters on this blog, usually i save that for my other one, but i think honestly who cares!

This morning i was in an accident on 95 south going past Baltimore city on the way to work. Usually I’m very aggravated with slow traffic as I’m just trying to get to work but this morning, i was grateful. I was grateful because my accident could’ve been ten times worse. This morning i was hit by a driver merging into my lane. I wasn’t hurt… my car that’s a different story. But Myself, and the other driver were not hurt.

I called my soon to be wife at that exact moment, i just needed to hear her voice. I then called my parents. All three of them said “cars can be replaced but you can’t”. That stuck in my head, because it could’ve been a lot worse. Truly i feel blessed.

Later at work i was listening to music at my desk and “Remain” by a band named Mute Math came on and the lyrics just hit me like a ton of bricks. The second bridge of the song goes

“Just keep on trying

Just keep fighting

Just keep going

Just keep surviving

Just keep walking

Just keep breathing

Just keep holding

Just keep believing”

Now over the last two years I’ve honestly been in a bit of spiritual turmoil. Trying to find my way, going through the trials of life and letting stuff get me down. Even walking away from one church… when my grandmother died nearly two years ago it shook me like an earthquake deep down to my soul. There were moments i felt alone, and terribly hurt, and still do til this day.

Jump forward to this morning. She was in my passenger seat. I easily could’ve swerved into the other lane and flipped over the guard rail into the water honestly. But that didn’t happen. I think there are times like this morning where i was so pissed as i got hit. Hitting my steering wheel, and shouting before collecting myself to deal with what happened. But i heard the words of my loved ones, and remembered the truest fact I’m okay, there’s nothing to be mad about.

So whatever you’re dealing with today, just remember don’t give up, and keep faith! Everything is going to work out he way God intended it! Focus on what’s a given and most important, that family, friends, and your dreams. Those are constant. If you focus on those three things, everything else will fall into place.

While the whole right side of my car is a mess, I’m alive and that’s a miracle in itself, because 5-10 miles faster and this article may not have been written. I learned a lesson today, and I’m grateful for it!

I’m so grateful for my friends and family! I’m so grateful for the love of a Heavenly Father who protects and loves me and a Savior who died on the cross for me! And I’m totally grateful for lessons in our most frustrating and stressful times!


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