Backtracking Bannon



By Gerald Royster

It’s a strange and rare occurence when former advisers to Presidents come out in full steam and opposition, but it’s even stranger when they rollback the opposition and everything that was said.

img_8408Steve Bannon Over the past few months since being ousted as Chief Adviser to President Donald Trump, has come out fully against the President and his family, giving details about secret meetings with Russians, and dragging the First son Donald Trump Jr’s name img_8406through the mud. To some this may seem like another peg in the wacky inflatable circus tent that contains the circus that is the current Presidency, but I personally find this kind of alarming.

For starters, the accusations he detailed were nothing short of treason. The same treason the FBI has been investigating for the last year.

img_8407Steve Bannon’s remarks of how his words were taken out of context, and calling Trump Jr. “a patriot and a good man”, come after three days of backlash from the POTUS. Earlier this week, Rebekah Mercer a Republican billionaire donor came out in full support for Donald Trump. Mercer is stake holder in Breitbart News in which Bannon is chairman. Comments she made may have something to do with this. In my honest opinion I think for the Alt right specifically, money talks. When millions of dollars are floating around and even more so an agenda and rift is at risk, things begin to happen.


I’ll be the first to say that I am in no way an expert in the dealings of Washington, this is merely an editorial, an opinion piece, but from what I know about Breitbart news being one of the leading publications for the Alt-Right, and how powerful information can be, this does not come as a surprise. It’s definitely alarming, but this is strategic, and the statements Mr. Bannon recently made I don’t believe they are his true thoughts and feelings, but yet the thoughts and feelings of donors and constituents. Something in my opinion has poisoned this nation…



Whether this is the sign of how quickly rifts can be repaired in this administration, its is something that needs to be watched for weeks to come.


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