Schism: Behind the Idea


By Gerald Royster



The idea for Schism came to me about a couple of weeks ago, and if you’re close to me you know ideas can randomly at any time came to my mind. Usually our creative process goes like this, I’ll come up with an idea, share it to Chris, Colleen, or Mario, then formulate it and have it make logistical sense so I can present it to Justin, and then we come together to Alex so we can green light filming. Simply put that’s how “Schism” came about.


I was at work one day, pretty stressed out about various things, and then I just started writing. Usually when I’m stressed I’ll write to relieve it. Then it popped into my head, this specific idea could be made into something. So then my mind started racing, ideas flooding in like a leaky basement. I took the best ideas, and formulated the rough draft of the story, and then emailed it out to the team. To my surprise they were all about it.

When I came up with the idea, I wanted to talk about something in our society that is being brought to the forefront more and more. Mental health affects millions across the world, especially here in the United States. When I finalized the details of this 15-20 min short film we’re about to start work on, I didn’t think the conversation was loud enough.

The idea to depict such mental illnesses such as Depression, anxiety, and stress in the form of an experimental film is nothing short of daunting. It is truly a sensitive subject to so many people, even people close to me, that I have taken it as my highest priority to put as much detail into this film, and pay attention to every single part. From the writing, to the filming, to the editing and marketing, every single piece of this film will be highly calculated and cared for.

I hope as we continue down this road you’ll be with us all along the way. I’m so excited to write and make my first ever film, this is a quite different experience from writing books, this is a bit more beautiful in a way, because I can let others see the vision my team and myself have.

So as always stay tuned, there’s a lot more, including the introduction of the Production team, and cast in the next few weeks as the roles become finalized!




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