Welcome to LitTube Chris and Brendan!!


       Over the Last month we have been on a mission to make a few changes in the way we do things. We wanted to push envelopes and reach more people. It all started with us announcing we are in the writing and planning stages for Littube’s first film, a short one, but a milestone nonetheless. Then it was followed by the announcement of our personalized URL on youtube- Youtube.com/LitTubeChannel. Then there was the creation of our Instagram! Now we’ve continued in this month long process of newness by adding 2 new members to the Team! Brendan and Chris welcome to LitTube! 
       Each of them bring there own special flavor to the mix that will compliment the team well! Chris will primarily be helping in our creative side and be on Lit Sports Online, LitTraxx, and Reel Talk! Brendan will be helping us also with LSO and LitTraxx as well, also he will be helping us venture into a new side of the channel focusing on Gaming! 
The decision to bring these two on occurred over the last few months! We feel that they will help bring you better content and help with diversifying and enhancing our content we bring to you weekly! 
In the next month we’ll be in Baltimore for the annual Artscape festival so if you see us come up say hi, snag a selfie and let’s hang out! 
Merchandise is coming soon! 


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