The Mother of All Bombs!

geraldBy Gerald Royster





Sources have reported and by now it is all over the news that the United States has dropped what is called the “Mother of All Bombs”, or a Massive Ordnance Air Blast, also known as a GBU-43. The bomb used is the largest bomb in the United States Air-Force’s arsenal next to a nuclear bomb. The M.O.A.B was detonated in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province around 7:30 pm local time Thursday the 13th of April.

Now reports have said this detonation was carried out in an effort to defeat ISIS in Afghanistan according to a U.S. Central Command press release. It was used to minimize risk to Afghan and U.S. forces while maximizing destruction to ISIS fighters and facilities, according to the Central Command release.

From a personal point of view I think the most terrifying is simply how it detonates.  The bomb literally explodes in the air creating air pressure that can collapse tunnels, and buildings. Which makes sense because the U.S. forces were targeting an ISIS tunnel system which made it easier for ISIS to attack U.S. military advisers and Afghan forces in the region.

Now personally, due to the use of the bomb against enemy terrorist forces I’m on board with this. As terrifying as It is, I am indeed okay with this. One of the reasons ISIS has been able to hold onto the mountainous regions in Afghanistan, is simply because of the advanced tunnel systems and caves they use. This is a good use of such a weapon..

Here’s my issue, where do we stop. This was the first time the M.O.A.B. was ever used in actual combat. With the situation in Syria growing, with issues with N. Korea and Russia escalating, could this be the United States moral Nuke… Point blank and simple there’s no morality in using this bomb in a heavy civilian area. Do I think that that will be the factor that prevents use of this devastating bomb in places like Syria? I honestly can’t say. I would hope simply based on the way this bomb detonates would be enough to say, “hey we created a bomb that creates enough air pressure to literally crush buildings, and people for all that matter, let’s not use this as often as we can…” I guess only time will tell. For now this story is developing and we will be keeping you up to date on this as it develops.


Cited Article from Huffington Post-



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